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Bohemian Paradise

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Bohemian Paradise

Welcome back my loves. It’s been a while since my last post but true to my nature my ability to open up has to come naturally. I am so excited to share and welcome you inside my bohemian paradise. A place in my home where I come to meditate , reflect , create, and vibe. Every room I’ve had as a child has always had some sort of theme or regurgitated self expression everywhere. . When walking down the hall of my home you would be like oh thats' Ash room. A whole different world inside my room.

How you organize and decorate your space is pivotal to the overall energy and ambience of your home. Nothing is better then walking into a space and it feeds your soul. Making you all warm and fuzzy on the inside like you can finally breathe again.


When my husband and I picked out the layout for our home we decided to go with the option of a den feature instead of a third bedroom . Best decision ever! This was a moment to put together a room that reminded me of the hippie sun rooms in Nola. The color scheme was selected around the color of the sofa. As soon as my eyes saw it Cullen even got excited for me because he goes that looks like you. This was a huge statement piece in the room and I created other focal points with other meaningful pieces throughout the room too. There is a huge golden buddha eye woodwork piece hanging over the couch but the large mirror is in the middle to cover the negative space. It was given to me by my friend Scotti for my engagement party and its traveled all the way to Dallas. The vintage wardrobe trunk is from my Scorpio sister who thought it belong with me and so I have it. I love it , its probably one of the oldest items I have in the room.


Collecting items that are special to me allows me the chance to see it and have a moment of nostalgia. Eventually every piece of the wall will be covered in art, music posters, and whatever captivates my eye. Incorporating plants has been one of the hardest challenges I have faced in life but well worth it. I love nature more than words can explain. A pure form of the universe that makes me feel at peace. Hardest beginner lessons I had to learn was where to place them. Then oh my gosh I thought I was gonna die we had a plague of bugs . They eventually went away buy it was a doozy and then it became the challenge of staying alive. This isn’t a game people caring for plants is like caring for little babies. Having to watch them constantly but give them enough space to sprout and grow. It has been a highly therapeutic process and seeing all of the plants grow makes me feel good , teaches me patience for sure.


The vibe just needed to be right and truly radiate my vibes. Pulsating all of my inner hippie , gypsy , free spirited aesthetic all over the room . When shooting this I was extremely happy with the dance between light and shadows in the room. Everyone struggles with light and darkness but there is beauty in both. As the new year is in full swing my goal is to live the last year of my twenties to its fullest and embrace all sides of me on the highest frequency level possible. Self acceptance is critical in all stages in life as we evolve over time. At this stage in my life I just want to focus on creating, loving and growing in my mind. Expanding my consciousness so that my vision to see beyond the surface and let intuitive nature guide me to make the right decisions.

I hope you all have enjoyed this blog post and seeing my little “boho babe cave”. Putting this room together in my house has been fun and it will only continue to get better as I add and collect more magical pieces. Peace,love and Good Vibes Only!!!!