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Jungle Girl In A Jungle World

Ashtin EllisComment
Jungle Girl In A Jungle World

This was my first time in the tropics for and extended stay. I’ve been on several cruises but as you know that experience is fun but always leaves you wanting more. A very dear and close friend to my husband got engaged and decided to have a destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica. This was the perfect opportunity for me and my husband to travel internationally together for the first time and actually stay on the island. It’s a-lot to travel and quite frankly it’s something that people need to budget as a priority in their life if you ask me. Not only does traveling give you an opportunity to relax and vacate your life, if gives you a new perspective and overall admiration of the places you visit. It’s good to get out your comfort zone, I can’t say that enough. Seeing how people look different, how they talk, their normal everyday customs, food and music, all are something you have to experience for yourself. I’ve always wanted to visit Jamaica because of the vibes I get from the Island. Bob Marley has always been a big influence of mine when it comes to spirituality, music, and culture. The “One Love” and unity message he always preached really stuck with me and of course his music and that’s the vibe of the island. Peace, love and Harmony!!! That’s one of the reason I was excited to go but also because of the rich history, Caribbean colors, and to dance of course. I always hear about how much Jamaicans love to dance and I was ready to feel the rhythm.

The goal is die with memories , not dreams.

Let me tell you though, when you do travel out of the country always prepare to count your airport days and non-vacation days. I absolutely hate dealing with going through the airport. I don’t mind flying but I hate getting in, through and out of all the airport security bullcrap. We arrived in Montego Bay airport and chile, someone took my dang luggage. You know I was mad but I wanted to remain calm and see how the situation was going to be handled before I unleashed the true Targaryen within myself and call for my dragons to set the place a blaze. Turns out a local who travels in and out of the airport took our luggage and agreed to come back and return it to us with all its contents remaining. I was very thankful and so happy because I had packed so many cute outfits and what girl wants to be on vacation without her luggage, I mean come on people. After about 2 hours of dealing with that, we took a bus ride to our resort which was located in Negril about an hour and a half away, even thought when you book its says like 45 min (they lying). Also, might I add, there was an annoying passenger on the bus with his wife. He kept asking stupid questions to the driver and finally the driver went off. You can’t be coming to people country asking like stupid American questions. Have the decency to realize you are not at home and to be respectful of others. We were trying to take in the scenery and be positive but it was a long day and all we wanted to do was get to the resort and link up with our friends. Then finally we reached our final destination at The Royalton Negril Resort.



We were greeted by a very friendly staff with huge smiles and festive cocktails and after a long ride of what felt like an episode of survivor island, I needed one. Actually, I’ve always seen that happen on TV shows and movies so with it happening now in real life, I was like ohhh this is cute.  The hotel hostess that checked us in was super nice and even walked us up personally to our room and gave a full walkthrough of the entire suite which I also was like, ooh fancy (sticks finger pinky up). The room was absolutely spectacular, it was spacious and designed with a clean modern flare. Sometimes when visiting tropical locations, you have to be careful you’re not going to get one of that throwback floral bed looking kind of hotels. I know you guys know what I’m talking about and that was cool when I was growing up but I pleasantly surprised to see the all cream and white linen vibe which gives it fresh and clean look. The shower and tub both had spa like features with jets all the works. I’m a bath girl, can’t lie and say I don’t love a good soak but the shower here was extraordinary. With two extra-large square waterfall heads this shower takes get clean to a whole new level. I’ve also found that having an extra sitting area comes in handy because sometimes you don’t want to be on the bed and it’s nice to be able to relax without lying down on the bed. The overall grounds of the resort are once again breathtakingly stunning. There are tons of little nooks where you can hideaway, listen to the waves of the ocean and read a good book or write in your journal. You can also tell that the designers who built this place were also thinking of picture perfect moments for every occasion. Everything is scenic, updated, and to my liking not a ton of people. I would definitely go and stay there again. It’s an all-inclusive resort that to me has a laid-back type of atmosphere which is always nice and relaxing when you’re away to vacate.


Saturday had arrived and now it was time to start some of the planned activities the bride and groom had arranged. Everyone met for breakfast and then I went to relax a while before we decided to head out to a bar and restaurant called Rick’s Cafe. It wasn’t too far from the resort and we stopped at a small souvenir shop as well to pick a few things to take home. Before we left the resort, everyone was all amped up about jumping off the cliff and out of the entire crew two of us jumped. It was very intimidating at first, I kept looking down asking myself, can I really do this? I have jumped off cliffs into the ocean before but this was the highest I had every jumped before. Finally, I just went for and well you only live once. As soon as I hit the water I knew I had done something wrong. Turns out when you jump into the water, you should go down straight. I clearly didn’t because my arms were flailing and my legs were not straight down. The impact of hitting the water left my entire left leg and hip area red and inflamed, sort of like a huge hive had appeared. Nevertheless, I carried on but knew that I was definitely going to get worse before it got better. Once we got back to the resort later that day it was time to get ready for the welcome dinner and might I say I did a whole new twist out in record time. Our room was a bit far from the bride and grooms room but the restaurant we had to go to was in that direction. We decided to head out early and have drink before we met up with everyone else to get the night started. This was one of my favorites parts of the trip, taking long night walks with Cullen on the resort. Our room was quite a walk from where we had to go so we took our time, enjoying each other’s company while listening to all the night island sounds. He was trying to be my photographer even though he told me he charges a fee. We played around taking a few pictures and then headed to meetup with the crew.

Dinner was super fun, we were all starving by the time everything got into full swing so it worked out perfectly. The bride and groom were so nice they gave everyone gifts upon our arrival to dinner and had a photographer taking photos to capture memories. All the ladies received a personalized straw bags with monogrammed wedding details and small little keepsakes on the inside. The men all received huge bottles of Hennessy VSOP and all I could think that is we all are going to die if they start drinking these bottles. I heard one person say we have to finish before the end of the trip and I was like oh then were definitely all dead. I should’ve been paying attention to my alcohol intake in general but when you on vacation you know how things can get. Going on to my third martini I should’ve known that I was going to be done, and what do you know I was finished. All of the girls were supposed to go out but by the time we all go back to the bridal suite she was laid out, I was pissy drunk and literally thinking I just need to make it back to the room. With the help of my partner in crime for this trip Jessica, she made sure I made it back safely. Sad but true story, all I remember is chugging a shit ton of water and going to bed.

The time had finally arrived for the new couple to say their nuptials. For the most part, the ladies spent the morning together getting hair and makeup done and the boys did their guys thing in the grooms’ suite. It was requested that everyone wear white and I must say that with the colors of the beach, sky and the architecture of the wedding venue it all came together beautifully. I noticed that for destination weddings, all the décor doesn’t need to be over the top and super dramatic. The venue itself with the backdrop of the ocean is timeless in its self. Funny thing is, it rains everyday just about on the island. It doesn’t stay for long but it does rain at some point each day. Lucky for us as soon as the newlyweds said I Do, the rain came in as we headed to the main building for a cocktail hour in transition to the reception. I’m not sure if they time the weddings out like this on purpose but the sunset was happening right as the bride and groom started the reception and had their first dance. Weddings are such a huge moment in your life and when you are there its always full of love and happiness. I mean depending on who you invite too. I was just so happy and honored that both my husband and I could be here to be a part of this special event and dance the night away Louisiana style with our family and friends under the Caribbean sky.


Well, that all I have folks. I have enjoyed letting you in on my vacation details and spreading all the island vibes! As always sending you love and energy , Good Vibes Only.