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Taking Flight

Ashtin EllisComment
Taking Flight

What an experience this was I must say. This was such a fun shoot , freezing cold per usual in the month of Febraury but we made it through. Today I want to discuss obviously the visuals presented but lets discuss the topic of when you see others grow. Self love and growth is important but so is supporting others. Over the past few months I’ve noticed that people really do treat you based on your instagram account. Which is absolutely ridiculous to me. Yes the power of social media marketing can provide you with income and the tools to be your own boss but its shouldn’t determine how you value yourself. I don’t take people at face value because your can’t determine the quality or value of a person based of their Instagram. I always tell my peeps Quality VS Quantity. Some of the best artist out there are simply creating they aren’t worried about a blue check or how many followers they have because the work speaks for itself. I refuse to base by self value off how many likes you decide to give or follows , its just not going to happen. Be confident enough to love what you do and trust the process. As you grow and soar to new heights or levels in your life , everyone won’t be happy for you. They will question you, say you have changed, or just won’t be happy for you. Let people grow and be happy . I’ve let friends go because some are here for a reason and a season but, I still get happy for them when I see them growing. Sometimes you go separate ways so you can both grow even thought it’s uncomforatbale. I’m always happy for the people I support and love, but I can also feel when the energy is GENUINELY reciprocated.

Yesterday my co-worker asked me what’s better being in your 20’s or 30’s? All I could say is that each stage is different. In my earlier 20’s it was all about experience and dreaming. Having to find a way through the world while trying to make all my dreams I had come true realistically. With a bigger purpose of knowing I wanted to have a creative career. Now it was time to put some dreaming into action. That first step is always crucial, and very important.

The Air Is The Only Place Free From Prejudices
— Bessie Coleman


Soaring to new heights will be fun , scary and exhilarating all at the same damn time. The ups and downs are meant to be there and we just have to figure out how to make it all happen and persevere. One of my biggest lessons in life has come from working in corporate at JCPenney. The pros for me , I just want to say are the ones I made happen or the amazing people I worked with supported me as much as they could. I was really unhappy there but it allowed me to take it easy and I got comfortable. After experiencing that comfortable is not good for me. I need jobs and experiences that are going to push me closer to MY goals and dreams in life . A few times I found myself being mean or just not a happy person because I was losing myself. The creatives at that place kept me alive and my will to learn and grow kept me going. Being on a buying team doesn’t not allow you any creative growth , at all. But that didn’t stop me from networking and promoting myself in other areas of the building, trying to take advantage of every opportunity I had to engage with photographers , stylist and art directors. But let me tell you straight up as a young black woman , they are waiting for a chance for you to slip. Isn’t that sad? I’ve seen it time and time again, if you are confident and educated then you are hostile and think you’re better than others. Which is not the case but what’s wrong with believing in yourself and being educated. If you are needing a little help and guidance, then that means you can’t handle your job or can’t comprehend. In most cases your boss should provide guidance and followup to ensure that your work is up to par , if they truly care or are actually doing their job. If you don’t want to be a manager which manages and leads then don’t take the damn job. I don’t usually complain about these things because they won’t change , you just have to work through them but I would have never been able to focus on my own life if I had stayed there. The day my boss told me I hold myself to a high standard and should lower my standards I knew it was time for me to go. I couldn’t believe that it was coming out of his mouth. There’s a difference between constructive critiscim and just plain old you’re trying to beat me down so I walk around feeling defeated with my head down. Everyday going to work being met with constant negativity drove me crazy. When I walked out that building , I was flying free. I made a promise to myself that I will never go to work giving my all to a company or individuals who don’t appreciate or celebrate my existence. Yep, not dealing with being tolerated ever again.


In the end , it all worked out. I’m now in a position that I can continue to soar on. Lets remember as everyone is dealing with similar or different obstacles in life we all need support. Support and be happy for others when you see them grow. You call when you see them struggle, make sure you call and say I’m happy to see your doing good as well. Celebrate life together, because that’s the only way we are getting through this thing called life, together. I can’t make your dreams happen for you but I’ll be there every step of the way supporting and helping you anyway that I can ,even if it’s from a distance, its all love.