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Autumn Glow

Ashtin Ellis1 Comment
Autumn Glow


Autumn my darling you are glowing beautifully. My favorite things about this season are hands down the warm colors , the scenic views of nature and that undeniable Amber glow. Of course in fashion this is the time to layer away, showcasing your epic style by playing with layers, textures and colors. The beautiful scenery that was chosen by the photographer was super on point for this look, we shot at Samuel Farms far out on the outer city limits of Dallas and it was perfect. Crystal Crain was the wardrobe stylist and she came through with a vibrant mixture of color, vintage thrift and retail fashion trends you can shop yourself this Fall season.

November is my glory month along with December, it's like my cosmic energy is in full force. Being a Scorpio but being on that Sagittarius cusp is intense and I feel that lately, I have accepted that I am an intense person. Very passionate and sometimes or a lot of the time a little out there, but hey that's me.  The crazy free spirited weird girl and I'm totally fine with that. Do you guys remember that throwback song Amber by the band 311? That song is about me just so you know!


The Color of Fall

Inspired by the Season

Talk about being inspired by the Fall colors and the vibe of the season. This bold burgundy fashion moment is screaming color but I love the intensity and boldness of this look. I was so excited when we started shooting with this look because I low-key felt like the "Burgundy Panther. I felt strong , empowered, and ready to take action. It continues to amaze me at how the power of fashion can make you feel like yourself but just better. These flare , accordion style skirts are definitely a trend statement right now but a must have ! I keep seeing them everywhere in an array of different colors but depending on what style you are going for you can really make them look different.  

Phototgraphy by KrissWillPhotogrpahy and Styling by Crystal Crain


Didn't I say this season was all about color, I wasn't lying!!  Honestly its hard for me to pic my favorite look out of the three. Each one of them embodies my personality in some form or fashion. So truly I cant pick one but this one has one special addition that made me smile, my mom's Army beret. 

Anytime my mom comes back from her Army duties I'm dying to steal whatever clothes I can lol. Firstly because the t-shirts are super soft and warm , the jackets are really heavy and who doesn't love Camo. Oh but don't have a little sister who peeps fashion game too. She tries to the steal all the goodies before I can get my hands on them now.  I'll come home and be like oooouuu this is cute and she already know or then sit her selections to the side. I can see her now like uh uh momma gave those to me so keep your hands off. I really wish I could use an emoji so you could see my expression, PLAYED ,that's what I look like . I love that though, that me and my sister are inspired by our mom and really in some way pay homage to all the sacrifices she has made for us and our family.  My mom had me when she was young and she always tells me she joined the Army because she knew she had to take care of me and would do anything to make sure that would be the case. I'm 27 now and my mom is still and active member of the Army Reserve and what do you know lil Bri Bri decided to join the Airforce.  She already know I will be stealing her clothes as well lol, so get ready for it sister!