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Ashtin EllisComment

This post is all about inspiration and what drives your purpose. As Fall approaches I thought I've always wanted to do a black girl magic inspired picnic. Very moody feels by using certain colors and of course setting the whole scene.  I called up one of my favorite stylist Jessica and sent her my inspiration and told her what I had in mind. Needless to say I was like sweetie, once again you killed it. This has been our first shoot together since my friend has moved back from NYC and it was such an awesome time catching up and hearing all her behind the scenes fashion stories. My most recent visit to New York last year I made a point to see her for dinner. My girl has been working hard and I'm so proud to see how far she has come. These are the moments of lasting friendship that I love. When you have seen each other grow but also been there throughout the process. Getting those congrats phone calls or just continuing to motivate and inspire one another in a positive atmosphere.  

Beyonce' oh Beyonce. I saw her for Coachella and I cried, no I am not shame . I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. After watching countless videos and concerts I was there in person seeing one of her best performances to date. I'll have to say though I think my sister Briya takes the cake when it comes to being her number one fan for sure. Vogue recently released their September issue with Beyonce on the cover and I was beyond excited. Then she went a step further to snatch my wig and released short videos of her shooting and I almost died. Beautiful moments of black women being completely free in their artistic space is something that resonates with me deeply. Seeing her grow and come into her full goddess glow just inspires me in so many ways. So with that in mind I planned  picnic inspired by her Vogue. 


Side-note- I went to setup this picnic scene super early in the am so that we could achieve that great morning light however when I got out there it was completely dark and oh what do I see. People jogging in the dark with no lights or anything. People have you not seen the news or watched a horror movie before. I'm just going to leave that there because Lord knows I was just kind of shocked, like do you want to get taken or is this a joke. Ok , I'm done.


                                                                   Fashion Breakdown

Earrings- Babblebar

Belt/Necklace- Free People

Dress- Reformation

Shoes- Jeffery Campbell

Purse- Vintage Thrift


This picnic turned out to be super fun  and after we finished all the looks and scenes, I invited one of my friends to the park and me and the styling team sat out and saw the sunrise while getting our bellies full of the spread. I'm telling you now these blueberry muffins are from Target and they are the BOMB. When picking the food of course I wanted items that had great vibrant colors for the shoot but a girl has to eat too. The blue grapes are to die for with a dip of strawberry fruit dip. Last but not least my newest treat has been the elderflower lemonade. It's light, refreshing, sweet and great to mix with a vodka for nice spirtzer. (shoutout to being a thrift gypsy, I found this picnic basket for 2.98) If you drink  the lemonade it by itself make sure its extremely cold because it is really sweet. Overall the picnic was a score and super fun. A great moment for me to catch up with my girls. talk fashion, life and have all the black girl magic vibes I needed.